Eco Parks – Xel Ha, Xcaret, Xplor and Xenotes

Xcaret (ish – caret), Xel-Ha (shell-ha), Xplor (Explore)  and Xenotes (seh- No- tays) are some of the main attractions in the Mayan Riviera. These parks are all different in terms of activities and entertainment.



Imagine an Eco-park in a jungle, 40 football fields large, which includes different types of birds and animals, aquariums, snorkeling and more.

Xcaret is a paradise for families with children and, believe it or not, it’s a blast for adults too. You can explore Xcarets natural underground rivers, which last for miles. The only park open in the evening, it offers a spectacular show which includes dancing and live music.

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Want to spend most of your day in the water snorkeling, and swimming? Xel-Ha has a lazy river, a few zip lines, all inclusive buffets and bars, and a chance to snorkel with 90 different marine species. Also great for families as long as the kids love to be in the water.

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xplor vehicles


For the adrenaline junkie. Zip lines, underground rivers, amphibious vehicles and rafts await to get your blood pumping. Swim through the underground caverns. Kids must be aged 5 and up. Some restricted activities is based on weight and height. Also includes buffet lunch and smoothie bar.

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Brand new park set that opened July 1, 2013.  Check it out!




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